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Kellar's Keep på (amerikansk)

Trapped deep beneath the fortress Karak Varn, the Emperor and his knights prepare for a hopelss battle. Zargon and his Doomguard approach! It is up to you, brave Heroes, to rescue the Emperor and his knights.

You must find the secret passage that has been lost for a thousand years - a passage spoken of in legend alone. It cuts through the very bowels of the World's Edge Mountains and leads to the vaults of Kellar's Keep.

Along the way, you will journey through ancient tunnels now inhabited by Orcs, Goblins and other creatures of darkness. Grave danger awaits you.

Mentor will guide you as far as the Great Gate. From there, you are on your own.


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Kellar's Keep

på amerikansk

Udgivet 1991

Milton Bradley/

Games Workshop



Meget sjælden


1. udvidelse til

det amerikanske



Brikker (tiles)      

Quest bog


10 Artifact




3 x Fimir

6 x Goblin

8 x Orc


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